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From a 1983 Kenner in-package catalog:
"A new addition to the REBEL force from RETURN OF THE JEDI. Our Y-WING FIGHTER is an authentic replica with a cockpit that holds one STAR WARS Action Figure and a button that activates battery-operated laser cannons and sounds. Our ship also features a manually activated bomb and retractable landing pads. Also has compartment for R2-D2."
Although the Y-Wing vehicle was introduced in the final scenes of Star Wars, Kenner waited until 1983 to release their version of the ship. This was one of the nicer ships in the line and introduced the retractable landing gear feature that would be prominent on later vehicle releases.

Parts List

  • Canopy with windshield insert.
  • (2) Front guns.
  • Top cannon assembly: cannon and base.
  • Battery cover.
  • Bomb assembly: front and rear halves.
  • (2) Engine pod assemblies: exhaust cone, 4 struts, rear support ring.


  • Canopy opens.
  • Button-activated cannon sound and motion.
  • Top cannon rotates and elevates.
  • Button-activated bomb rack.
  • Remote operated landing gear.
  • Droid socket capable of holding R2-D2 or R5-D4.

Y-Wing, Top View

Y-Wing, Side View

Y-Wing, Front View

Y-Wing, Back View

Y-Wing, Bottom View

Y-Wing, Missle

Y-Wing Instruction Sheet

Y-Wing Instruction Sheet

Y-Wing Instruction Sheet

Y-Wing Instruction Sheet