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Battle Damaged X-Wing


From a 1979 Kenner in-package catalog:

"LUKE SKYWALKER'S X-WING FIGHTER - Destroy the DEATHSTAR! Dramatic reproduction of STAR WARS X-WING rebel spacecraft simulates all the action! Wings open to "X" position by pushing down on simulated R2-D2 behind cockpit and 2nd button returns wings to original flight position. Cockpit flips open to seat LUKE SKYWALKER or other STAR WARS Action Figures. Front landing skid locks up in place during flight, and for real excitement, 3rd rear deck button operates laser sound and flashing laser cannon in spacecraft nose."

The X-Wing was released in 1978 and was one of the first ships marketed for the Kenner 3 3/4" figure line. A later release of the ship was the Battle Damaged (BD) X-Wing that debuted in 1982. The BD version differs from the original in the following ways:

  • BD hull is molded in gray while the original is white.
  • BD canopy molded in tinted plastic instead of clear.
  • Engine inlets (shield generators) are black instead of white.
  • BD stickers included so that "damage" could be applied to ship's hull.


  • Wings open when R2's head is pressed down. The wings shut when the blue button forward of R2 is pressed to the rear.
  • Laser sound is generated and LED in nose lights up when fire button is pressed.
  • Front landing skid is manually retractable.

Parts List

  • (4) Laser cannons.
  • Canopy.

X-Wing, Top View

X-Wing, Side View

X-Wing, Front View

X-Wing, Back View

X-Wing, Bottom View

Battle Damaged X-Wing Box

Battle Damaged X-Wing Box

Battle Damaged X-Wing Box

Battle Damaged X-Wing Box