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Speeder Bike


The Speeder Bike was among the first set of toys released (along with the Y-Wing) for Return of the Jedi. Unlike most boxed toys, the Speeder Bike was actually packaged in a plastic tray instead of the typical cardboard inserts. Speeders are not too hard to find, though some of the smaller pieces are easily lost.

Parts List

  • Main Body
  • Seat
  • Nose Piece
  • Handlebars (2)
  • Front Rudders (2)
  • Back Flaps (2)


  • Button-activated exploding action.
  • Rotating handlebars.
  • Movable landing gear and control flaps.

Speeder Bike, Side View

Speeder Bike, Top View

Speeder Bike, Bottom View

Speeder Bike, Box Front

Speeder Bike, Box Top

Speeder Bike, Box End

Speeder Bike, Box Back

Speeder Bike, Box Bottom

Speeder Bike, Instruction Sheet

Speeder Bike, Instruction Sheer

Speeder Bike, Instruction Sheet

Speeder Bike, Instruction Sheet