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Sonic Land Speeder


From the 1978 JC Penney Christmas Catalog:
Land Speeder is Controlled by Sound! Looks just like Luke Skywalker's vehicle in Star Wars. It travels along by itself, and the remote control clicker (looks just like R2-D2) moves the Land Speeder left, right, forward, or back -- from up to 16 ft. away! Has hidden wheels so it seems to float. Can carry action figures... 10.97

The Sonic Land Speeder was available exclusively through JC Penney between 1978 and 1980. It was more than twice the cost of the standard Land Speeder ($10.97 vs. $4.97) but promised remote-controlled operation. And even more exciting, it was controlled by sound!

Operation is not as "controlled" as one would expect, however. When in the "on" position, the Land Speeder is in constant motion. The drivewheel locks in four positions and moves the vehicle forward, right, back, and left -- in that order. Each time the clicker is activated, the drivewheel is allowed to advance to the next position. For example, if the Speeder is moving forward, a click of the remote should send the vehicle into a right turn.


  • There are no common parts between the Sonic and regular Land Speeder.
  • When the drivewheel assembly is removed, the small gear inside is pulled free of the "driveshaft". The assembly must be taken apart in order to be reinstalled.
  • An operational Speeder should make an audible click when fingers are snapped by the microphone.
  • All four AA batteries are installed facing the same direction! Each should have its positive terminal facing toward the front of the Speeder.

Parts List

  • Sonic controller (clicker).
  • (2) Battery covers.
  • Windshield.
  • Seat.
  • Drivewheel assembly.
  • Two plastic adjusters.


  • Motorized -- controlled by sound.
  • Footpegs on rear deck and rear side of seats.

Sonic Landspeeder, Top View

Sonic Landspeeder, Side View

Sonic Landspeeder, Back View

Sonic Landspeeder, Bottom View

Sonic Landspeeder Remote

Sonic Landspeeder, Box Front

Sonic Landspeeder, Box Side

Sonic Landspeeder, Box Side

Sonic Landspeeder, Box End