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Slave I


From a 1980 Kenner in-package catalog:

"An exciting replica of BOBA FETT's Spaceship. Carry a simulated HAN SOLO up the ramp into the cargo hold, place BOBA FETT in his cockpit, adjust his seat from landing to flight position and SLAVE I is ready for lift-off. The wings move freely unless you lock them with the stop button for flight control. The movable, clicking laser cannons protect SLAVE I from any pursuing ships. Remove the side panel and the sleek craft holds 3 additional Action Figure passengers. Simulated frozen HAN SOLO included. Action Figures sold separately. Available spring 1981."

The novelty of this ship was that it came with a Han Solo frozen in Carbonite accessory. (This differs from the accessory included with the Power of the Force figure.) Other than this, the ship was rather plain, and was one of only a few ships to be released without the electronic laser sound effect.

Some ships came packaged with a special cardboard backdrop, but these are quite rare today.

Parts List

  • Side hatch.
  • (2) Wings.
  • Han Solo in Carbonite.
  • Cargo ramp.
  • Canopy.
  • (2) Wings.


  • Side hatch and cargo ramp open.
  • Wings rotate freely unless trigger lock is activated.
  • Laser cannons rotate through 360 degrees.
  • Adjustable pilot's seat.

Slave I, Top View

Slave I, Side View

Slave I, Side View

Slave I, Front View

Slave I, Back View

Slave I, Bottom View

Slave I, Parts

Slave I, Box Front

Slave I, Box End

Slave I, Box Side

Slave I, Box Side

Slave I Instruction Sheet

Slave I Instruction Sheet

Slave I Instruction Sheet

Slave I Instruction Sheet