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From a 1984 Kenner in-package catalog:

"Just like the vehicle that carried LUKE, HAN, and CHEWIE to the brink of the SARLACC PIT, the TATOOINE SKIFF has a retractable plank that holds one Action Figure. Move the action lever, and the plank pushes the Action Figure over the side. Activate the breakaway railings. Or, launch an Action Figure over the side by activating the movable floor hatch. The TATOOINE SKIFF is so realistic, it's even got movable rear fins, lever-controlled landing pods, and a weapons storage area."

The Tatooine Skiff and DROIDS A-Wing were the last of the full-sized ships marketed for the Star Wars line. When these ships were introduced in 1985, interest in Star Wars merchandise was in decline so sales of both were very limited when compared to the rest of Kenner's offerings. Because of their limited numbers, today the Skiff and A-Wing are both the highest priced vehicles that Kenner produced.

In terms of action features, the Skiff is a packed! Unfortunately, it is a fragile toy and items like landing gear and side rails were easily lost or broken. Incomplete Skiffs can often be found for a fraction of the cost of a complete one, but the chances of finding those missing or broken parts are very, very, very slim.

Note: The 1984 in-package catalog quoted above contained an actual movie still rather than a picture of the toy.

Parts list

  • (2) Side rails.
  • (3) "Landing pods."
  • (2) Rudder assemblies: rudder, rudder support.
  • Hinged end of gang plank.


  • Remote-activated landing gear.
  • Remote-activated gang plank.
  • Side railings tilt outward "to simulate battle damage."
  • Trap door on deck springs open.
  • Movable rear fins.






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Instruction Sheet

Instruction Sheet

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