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Imperial Shuttle


From a 1983 Kenner in-package catalog:

With manually-operated wings that can be raised or lowered, our IMPERIAL SHUTTLE looks just like that of THE EMPEROR's in STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI. Lower the movable loading ramp and recreate THE EMPEROR's ominous arrival at the DEATH STAR battle station. The cockpit is big enough to hold two Action Figures. "Take off" is easy because you control the retractable rear landing gear. Best of all, the side of the vehicle pops off for easy access to the interior of the IMPERIAL SHUTTLE.

The Imperial Shuttle was part of the last line of ships that Kenner produced in ROJ packaging. Along with the other late Jedi releases, the B-Wing and TIE Interceptor, this vehicle is one of the harder ships to find.

The Imperial Shuttle is the largest ship that Kenner offered during its run of Star Wars toys. Standing 22 inches tall and with a wingspan of three feet, this toy is cumbersome. (It must have required half the kids in the neighborhood to operate it!)

The wings on the Shuttle are trigger activated. While in the up position, they should remain locked until the trigger is pressed. The two wings are connected via an internal ratchet system that allows them to open simultaneously to flying position. If the wings move independently, the ratchet mechanism may be broken (a common problem found with this ship).

Parts List

  • Canopy with windshield insert.
  • Side wall.
  • Guns: 2 front, 1 rear, 2 wing. There are two pieces to each wing gun.
  • Battery cover.
  • Ramp assembly: smaller piece fits into larger.


  • Rear landing gear retracts, front is a non-retractable handle.
  • Wings fold down when trigger on handle is pressed.
  • Opening canopy with room for two figures.
  • Removable side wall for access to interior of shuttle.
  • Wing guns rotate.
  • Ramp lowers and extends.
  • Button-operated laser sound.

Imperial Shuttle, Box Front

Shuttle, Front View

Shuttle, Top View

Shuttle, Side View

Shuttle, Open Hatch

Shuttle, Back View

Instruction Sheet

Instruction Sheet

Instruction Sheet

Instruction Sheet