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From a 1980 Kenner Toy Fair catalog:
Finely detailed collector's replicas each crafted of Diecast Metal and High Impact Plastic with sleek moving parts. Y-WING FIGHTER features a clear windshield with mini-figure of REBEL PILOT inside. Plastic laser cannon swivels. Plastic rear engine pods are removable. Push button releases "laser" bomb. Front landing gear is retractable.

The Y-Wing, one of the larger die-cast ships, came packed in a window box. There is a packaging variation that includes a backdrop showing the Y-Wings attacking the Death Star. The Y-Wing included a tiny bomb which was released by pressing the head of the R2 unit on the top. The bomb is usually the tough piece to find to complete this toy.


  • Swivelling laser cannon
  • Removable engine pods
  • Retractable landing gear
  • Push-button bomb release

Parts list

  • Main body
  • Engine Pods (2)
  • Bomb

Y-Wing, Top View

Y-Wing, Side View

Y-Wing, Front View

Y-Wing, Back View

Y-Wing, Bottom View

Y-Wing Box

Y-Wing Box

Y-Wing Box

Y-Wing Box