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From a 1980 Kenner Toy Fair catalog:
Outstanding reproductions made of Die-cast metal and High Impact Plastic with moving parts. LAND SPEEDER rides on springy axles for a "hovercraft" effect. Inside are a painted Luke Skywalker and C-3PO.

The Landspeeder was one of the first die-cast vehicles released. Though it didn't have a ton of play value, it scooted along a linoleum floor rather quickly making it an excellent play toy - especially if you had pets. The windsheild of the Landspeeder often came off and is the most likely piece to be lost from the toy.


  • Wheels for hovering effect

Parts list

  • Landspeeder

Land Speeder, Top View

Land Speeder, Side View

Land Speeder, Front View

Land Speeder, Back View

Land Speeder, Bottom View

Landspeeder Cardback