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Imperial Cruiser


From a 1980 Kenner Toy Fair catalog:
Finely detailed collector's replicas each crafted of Diecast Metal and High Impact Plastic with sleek moving parts. IMPERIAL CRUISER has sliding cargo door containing removable plastic replica of "captured" PRINCESS LEIA'S COMMAND SHIP inside.

The Imperial Cruiser is one of the largest of the die-cast ships. It includes a small replica of the Rebel Blockade Runner which can be hidden away in the underbelly of the ship. This piece is very small and often is the missing part from an otherwise complete Imperial Cruiser. The cruiser is one of four ships packed in a window box rather than a blister card. The others are the Falcon, Tie Bomber, and the Y-Wing. All three of these ships also had a variation in which a cardboard backdrop with artwork was included in the box. The Cruiser version of the backdrop shows some Star Destroyers firing at the Millennium Falcon.


  • Opening hatch to capture the Rebel Blockade Runner

Parts list

  • Star Destroyer
  • Rebel Blockade Runner

Imperial Cruiser, Front View

Imperial Cruiser, Top View

Imperial Cruiser, Side View

Imperial Cruiser, Back View

Imperial Cruiser, Bottom View

Rebel Blockade Runner

Imperial Cruiser Box

Imperial Cruiser Box

Imperial Cruiser Box

Imperial Cruiser Box