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From a 1979 Kenner in-package catalog:
Help the scavenger JAWAS transport their DROIDS using Radio Control!
A genuine working replica of the tank-like SANDCRAWLER vehicle used by the JAWAS on the TATOOINE desert. Vehicle excitingly recreates the episodes of the unusual JAWAS. 16" long -- controlled by 2-channel wireless radio that operates up to 20 feet away. 3 working wheels permit SANDCRAWLER to move in almost any direction. Roof hatch opens, revealing simulated "control" area and footpegs for several JAWAS. Side panel opens down and becomes step ramp into interior. Room inside for transporting DROIDS R2-D2, C-3PO, R5-D4, or any STAR WARS Action Figure. Manual elevator in underside lifts R2-D2 or other figures inside SANDCRAWLER.
For a Star Wars crazed kid growing up in the late 70's, the Sandcrawler was one of the most anticipated toys in Kenner's line, but in a world of $10 X-Wings and TIE Fighters, the $30 Sandcrawler was just too much money to even think of asking for one...

Those kids who were lucky enough to get one of these vehicles quickly found that its remote control action didn't offer all that much control. Unlike today's electronic toys, those of 20 years ago were very limited in range and function. The Sandcrawler was of a design in which the vehicle was in constant forward motion until the remote's button was pressed. Activating the button stopped the forward motion and caused the vehicle to back up in a circle. When the vehicle was pointing in the desired direction, the button was released and forward motion resumed.

The Sandcrawler was only offered toward the end of the Star Wars run and was not available in the US in ESB packaging. (Like a few other SW releases, the Sandcrawler was offered in Canada under the ESB logo.)

Parts list

  • Remote control assembly: body, battery cover, screw-on antenna.
  • Elevator.
  • Battery cover.
  • Stairs (shown right).
  • Roof hatch.
  • Side door.


  • Remote control operation.
  • Manually operated elevator.
  • Side door opens to allow access to vehicle interior.
  • Top hatch opens.

Sandcrawler, Side View

Sandcrawler, Top View

Sandcrawler, Front View

Sandcrawler, Back View

Sandcrawler, Bottom View

Sandcrawler, Inside View

Sandcrawler, Lift

Sandcrawler, Stair

Sandcrawler, Remote

Sandcrawler, Box Front

Sandcrawler, Box Back

Sandcrawler, Box Top

Sandcrawler, Box End

Sandcrawler, Instruction Sheet

Sandcrawler, Instruction Sheet

Sandcrawler, Instruction Sheet

Sandcrawler, Instruction Sheet