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Twin Pod Cloud Car


From a 1980 Kenner in-package catalog:

"Their mission: To protect the mining colony on BESPIN. And they are good at their job. Two BESPIN Security Guard Action Figures and most other STAR WARS Action Figures will fit in the twin cockpits. Both pods have clear canopies that open and close easily. For fast liftoffs and landings the TWIN-POD's landing gear can be moved up and down."

A relatively unexciting writeup for one of the least exciting ships offered by Kenner! Even boxed, this ship is one of the least expensive vehicles on the secondary market due to its limited appeal.


  • Canopies open.
  • Landing gear retracts.

Parts List

  • (2) Canopy assemblies: frame and glass.

Cloud Car, Top View

Cloud Car, Side View

Cloud Car, Front View

Cloud Car, Back View

Cloud Car, Bottom View

Cloud Car Box Front

Cloud Car Box Side

Cloud Car Box Side

Cloud Car Instruction Sheet

Cloud Car Instruction Sheet