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From a 1982 Kenner in-package catalog:

"Attack the Rebel Base with SCOUT WALKER. Head swivels to locate enemies, side cannons turn and click, and there's room inside for an action figure. Push remote button to make legs move and attack rebel defenses. SCOUT WALKER stands unassisted. Available Summer 1982."

The best feature of this vehicle is the walking action. At the rear of the AT-ST is a two-position selector button. When in the "walk" position, the AT-ST's legs alternate up and down with the press of a button. While in the "stand" position, the legs lock in place allowing the Scout Walker to stand unassisted.

The side guns rotate through 360 degrees and the front cannon has a limited arc of elevation/ depression. There are two hatches on the top of this vehicle, the small hatch within a larger hatch that allows access to the interior of the AT-ST.

Parts List

  • Top hatches -- large and small.
  • Top gun.
  • (2) Side guns.
  • Breast plate.


  • Walking action.
  • "Head" swivels.
  • Top gun swivels, side guns rotate, and front gun elevates/ depresses.

AT-ST, Side View

AT-ST, Front View

AT-ST, Top View

AT-ST, Back View

AT-ST, Bottom View

AT-ST,. Box Front



AT-ST Instruction Sheet

AT-ST Instruction Sheet

AT-ST Instruction Sheet

AT-ST Instruction Sheet