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The Speederbike Collection

In 2014 this set of Return of the Jedi carded figures was discovered in the posession of a photographer who did advertising work for Kenner. This photographer designed and photographed the display for the Huffy Speederbike pedal car promotion. More information on this find of unique toys and prototypes can be found on the Star Wars Collectors Archive here.

In order to preserve the history of these carded figures, most of which were shipped right from Kenner, each one was encased in an acryllic case with a special Speederbike Collection logo and a COA. Below is an example of one of the cased figures as well as an image of the photography in which they were used.

The rest of this page contains a complete photographic list of the carded figures found this collection. It will serve as a reference so that the origin of these figures can always be verified.