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Rebel Command Center


From the 1981 Sear Wishbook:

"Star Wars Rebel Command Center with 3 exclusive action figures... Sold only at Sears through the Christmas season... Lever activates figures for mock battles on ice planet. Molded plastic snow base for figures with foot pegs and command base backdrop. Includes three action figures: AT-AT Commander, Luke Skywalker in Hoth Battle Gear, and R2-D2 with Sensorscope...$11.99"

The Rebel Command Center was a Sears exclusive sold first during Christmas of 1981. The base of the playset is identical to the base of the Hoth Ice Planet playset (which is just a Land of the Jawas base in molded in white plastic instead of brown). The set came with a new backdrop depicting the inside of the Hoth "Echo Base" and three figures.

Sears had a series of exclusive playsets:

  • 1979 Cantina Adventure Set
  • 1981 Rebel Command Center
  • 1981 Cloud City Playset
  • 1983 The Jabba the Hutt Dungeon (with ROJ figures).
  • 1984 The Jabba The Hutt Dungeon (with POF figures)
The Cantina and Cloud City Playsets consisted of cardboard backdrops and included four action figures. The Rebel Command Center and Jabba's Dungeon were both based on previous Kenner releases ( Ice Planet Hoth and Droid Factory playsets respectively) and included three figures.

Parts list

  • White plastic base.
  • Cardboard backdrop.
  • Two light blue cardboard supports.
  • Three 3 3/4" action figures : LukeSkywalker in Hoth Battle Gear, At-AT Commander, R2-D2 (with Sensorscope).


  • Lever-activated "land mine". The lever rotates a base with a foot peg and activates a small platform on the plastic base that " jumps", knocking over an action figure.

Rebel Base - Base

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Rebel Base Box End

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Rebel Base Instructions