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Jabba's Dungeon


Jabba's Dungeon was released in two forms. The first was a Sears exclusive and featured a blue base and three ROJ figures; 8D8, Nikto, and Klaatu (Skiff Guard). In 1984, a new version was released that had a tan base and came with three POF figures; Amanaman, Barada, and EV-9D9.

While most Power of the Force merchandise was made available in 1985, this set, which appeared in ROJ packaging only, was advertised in the 1984 Sears Wishbook. Either the names of the figures weren't clear at the time or Sears writers weren't very careful in their spelling! From the Sears Wish Book '84:

"We are entering the land of Jabba the Hutt. 9D9, Barbado, and Amanaman wait in evil Jabba's dungeon to lift unsuspecting robots with the rotating crane...$13.99"
(In 1985, Sears was discounting all their Star Wars catalog merchandise and dropped the price to $7.99.)

The base of both sets was identical and was based on the Droid Factory playset. Where the Droid Factory had storage spaces for parts, the dungeons have a basically flat surface.

Sears had a series of exclusive playsets:

  • 1979 Cantina Adventure Set
  • 1981 Rebel Command Center
  • 1981 Cloud City Playset
  • 1983 The Jabba The Hutt Dungeon
The Cantina and Cloud City Playsets consisted of cardboard backdrops and included four action figures. The Rebel Command Center and Jabba's Dungeon were based on previous Kenner releases (the Ice Planet Hoth and Droid Factory playsets respectively) and included three figures.

Parts List

  • Base
  • Crane assembly: mast, boom, hook, pivot pin.
  • "Branding iron" (located on end of crane -- can hold figure's feet).
  • Three figures. ROJ: 8D8, Nikto, and Klaatu (Skiff Guard). POF Amanaman, Barada, EV-9D9.


  • Crane swivels and boom elevates.

ROTJ Dungeon Top View

ROTJ Dungeon Figures

ROTJ Dungeon Parts

ROTJ Dungeon Box Front

ROTJ Dungeon Box Side

ROTJ Dungeon Box Side

ROTJ Dungeon Box Side

POTF Dungeon Top View

POTF Dungeon Figures

POTF Dungeon Parts

POTF Dungeon Box Front

POTF Dungeon Box Side

POTF Dungeon Box Side

POTF Dungeon Box Side

Dungeon Sticker Sheet

Dungeon Instruction Sheet