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Cloud City


The Cloud City Playset was offered in 1981 exclusively through Sears. This "playset" consisted of two cardboard pieces: the backdrop and centerpiece. Holes were die-cut into the floor of the playset to accommodate plastic footpegs that allowed the figures to stand unassisted. Due to its flimsy construction and lack of real play value, this set was basically just a backdrop for displaying the four included action figures.

Sears had a series of exclusive playsets:

  • 1979 Cantina Adventure Set
  • 1981 Rebel Command Center
  • 1981 Cloud City Playset
  • 1983 The Jabba the Hutt Dungeon (with ROJ figures).
  • 1984 The Jabba the Hutt Dungeon (with POF figures)
Like the Cloud City Playset, the Cantina consisted of a cardboard backdrop and included four action figures. The Rebel Command Center and Jabba's Dungeon were both based on previous Kenner releases (Ice Planet Hoth and Droid Factory playsets respectively) and included three figures.

Parts List

  • Cardboard backdrop and centerpiece.
  • Plastic footpegs (shown right).
  • Four action figures: Han Solo (Bespin Outfit), Lobot, Dengar, and Ugnaught.


  • Cardoard backdrop with footpegs.
  • Four action figures included.

The playset's backdrop is die-cut from a single sheet of cardboard. A second piece of cardboard folds into the centerpiece that constitutes the "carbon freeze chamber".

Cloud City Backdrop

Cloud City Backdrop

Cloud City Figures

Cloud City Box

Cloud City Instruction Sheet

Cloud City Instruction Sheet