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Cantina Adventure Playset


From the 1978 Sears Christmas Wishbook:

Star Wars Cantina Adventure Set
SET INCLUDES: Recreate the bizarre adventures and create new ones with 4 fully posable plastic figures; Greedo, Snaggletooth, Hammerhead, and Walrus Man. Graphics depict various characters and activity outside the Cantina. Ages 4 and up.
CONSTRUCTION: Made of cardboard. Scene is 18x7 inches high...Set $8.77

The Cantina Adventure Set was first offered during the 1978 Christmas season and included a backdrop and four figures: Greedo, Hammerhead, and Walrus Man, and Snaggletooth. This set was sold exclusively through Sears and offered a version of the Snaggletooth figure not available through any other retailer, the "Blue Snaggletooth". The Blue Snaggletooth figure was designed for inclusion in this Cantina playset. For reference in developing the figure, Kenner designers had only been given a black and white photo picturing the character from the waist up. Based on the limited information that the picture offered, the first version of this figure was full-sized and wore gloves, boots, and a blue flight suit. In reality, the character in the movie was not full-sized at all and wore nothing to cover its hair-covered hands and feet. The figure was quickly redesigned to reflect the actual character's image, resulting in the "Red Snaggletooth." While the Blue Snaggletooth was sold exclusively through Sears, it was also available separately from the Cantina. The figure was also listed in the '78 Sears Wishbook as part of a two-pack with Greedo.

The "playset" itself was nothing more than a sheet of cardboard that was folded into a three dimensional backdrop. (The backdrop was more of a display stand ,similar to the one included in the Early Bird Certificate Package, than a playset.) Holes were die-cut into the floor of the playset to accommodate plastic footpegs that allowed the figures to stand unassisted. This all cardboard set is often confused, in name at least, with the cardboard and plastic Creature Cantina .

Sears had a series of exclusive playsets:

  • 1979 Cantina Adventure Set
  • 1981 Rebel Command Center
  • 1981 Cloud City Playset
  • 1983 The Jabba The Hutt Dungeon (with ROJ figures).
  • 1984 The Jabba The Hutt Dungeon (with POF figures)
Like the Cantina, the Cloud City Playsets consisted of a cardboard backdrop and included four action figures. The Rebel Command Center and Jabba's Dungeon were both based on previous Kenner releases ( Ice Planet Hoth and Droid Factory playsets respectively) and included three figures.

Parts List

  • Cardboard backdrop.
  • Plastic footpegs.
  • Four action figures: Snaggletooth, Walrus Man, Greedo, and Hammerhead.


  • Cardoard backdrop with footpegs to stand figures on.
  • Four action figures included.

The playset's backdrop is die-cut from a single sheet of cardboard. The eleven holes in the base are for the plastic footpegs. Although the Blue Snaggletooth came with most of the playsets, the corrected red version was packaged in some later sets.