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From the 1983 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog:

    One of the toughest Rebel fighters in the galaxy! Pretend to "crash" X-WING FIGHTER on DAGOBAH or any flat surface. It breaks apart in 3 pieces! Reassembly is fast and easy because the parts are connected with a cord. You can even "crash" your X-WING FIGHTER during fight by pushing a button. Includes a unique die cast pilot that fits in the cockpit.

The X-wing is one of several Micro Collection vehicles that has the special "crash" feature. The others vehicles include the Tie Fighter and Snowspeeder. All these vehicles came with special "battle damaged" stickers.

Parts List

  • X-wing
  • Diecast X-wing pilot


    This vehicle has one of the coolest features of any of the Kenner Star Wars toys. It has a special "crash" feature that allows it to break into 3 pieces, simulating a a crash landing, and then can be restored to normal. This is done by pushing on a lever in the rear of the ship which allows it to seperate. The X-wing is held together by an internal cord that also allows it to snap easily back into place.

    The X-wing also has a cockpit that opens and closes for easy access to the pilot. The wings can move from closed to open to simulate flight mode. The front leg is also retractable.

X-Wing Pilot

Top View

Crashed X-Wing