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Hoth Wampa Cave Playset


From the 1983 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog
This playset recreates LUKE SKYWALKER's capture by the HOTH WAMPA, the snow monster, plus HAN SOLO and CHEWBACCA destroying the PROBOT. It has an "action launcher" to "launch" the PROBOT and 4 unique die cast figures in action poses!

This playset recreates Luke Skywalker's capture by the Hoth Wampa and also Han Solo and Chewbacca destroying a probot droid. It has an lever to "launch" the probot and 4 unique Diecast Figures.

This playset was also included in one large set along with the Hoth Generator Attack, and Ion Cannon playset to make up the Hoth World playset.

Parts List

  • Wampa cave
  • 4 diecast figures:
    Han hoth crouched over
    "Hanging" Luke
    Chewbacca with arms upward
  • Plastic probot droid


The wampa cave features include a launcher to send the probot droid flying and a slot to hang Luke upsidedown inside of the wampa cave.

Han, Crouching

Luke, Hanging

Chewbacca, Hands Raised



Box Front

Box Side

Box Top

Box Bottom