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Hoth Turret Defense


From the 1983 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog
This Action Playset has two "exploding" gun turrets on a realistic snow base. The turrets click when turned and have opening hatches for figures. It also comes with 6 unique die cast figures set in action poses.

This playset consists of a snow base with two turret guns that rotate and function as hiding places for rebel soliders.

Unlike the other three hoth playsets the Turret Defense was not offered in one package as part of a larger Hoth World playset. It still however can be connected to the other playsets.

Parts List

  • Snow base
  • 2 turret towers
  • 6 diecast figures:
    Luke on Taun-taun
    Han in Hoth gear
    Rebel Commander hand up with binoculars
    Hoth Rebel Solider lying down
    Hoth Rebel Solider kneeling on one knee
    Hoth Rebel Solider foot on small mound


    This playset features two turret gun towers that click and rotate and explode when activated with a remote lever. The towers also have hatches that open and close.

Han, Standing and Firing

Rebel Commander with Binoculars

Luke, On TaunTaun

Hoth Trooper, Perched on Rock

Hoth Soldier, Kneeling & Firing

Hoth Soldier, Prone