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Hoth Ion Cannon


From the 1983 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog
The HOTH Ion Cannon is operated by a lever and clicks to simulate firing. Other features include an observation tower which holds a figure and operates blast doors, a command post with two computer terminals and a "battle damage" feature activated by a button. Set includes 8 unique die cast figures set in action poses.

This is the largest of all the Hoth Micro playsets. It also has the most parts and features of the four Hoth sets. This playset functions as both the inside and outside of the rebel base.

This playset was also included in one large set along with the Wampa Cave, and Hoth Generator Attack playset to make up the Hoth World playset.

Parts List

  • Ion Cannon and rebel base
  • 8 diecast figures:
    Han Solo on Taun-Taun
    Leia in Hoth gear
    Luke in Hoth gear
    Rebel Commander standing and firing
    Hoth Rebel Solider foot on large mound
    Hoth Rebel solider lying down and firing
    Hoth Rebel solider firing outward
    Hoth Rebel Solider firing sideways
  • "Battle damaged" snow piece
  • 2 computer terminals


    This playset has a rotating Ion cannon operated by remote lever. It also features a observation tower that holds a figure and operates the doors to the rebel base. There is a battle damage feature that is activated by a remote button that causes part of the snow base to collapse.

Han, On Taun Taun

Hoth Soldier, Firing

Luke, Firing Backwards

Leia, Motioning

Rebel Soldier, Firing Prone

Hoth Trooper, Perched on Rock

Hoth Trooper, Firing

Hoth Rebel Commander, Firing

Front View