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Death Star Escape


From the 1983 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog:

    The Rebels must escape! This Action Playset features an "exploding" cannon that clicks and holds a STORMTROOPER, a manually operated bridge, a removable elevator assembly, and even a rope to swing LUKE SKYWALKER and PRINCEESS LEIA ORGANA from one side to another. Set includes 6 unique die cast figures set in action poses!

The Death Star Escape was also included with the Death Star Trash Compactor to make up the Death Star World playset.

Parts List

  • Death Star playset
  • Elevator assembly
  • 6 diecast figures:
    Darth Vader standing
    Chewbacca crouching
    Stormtrooper kneeling down with gun
    Stormtrooper running with gun
    Leia with pistol
    Luke in Tatoonie outfit


    Some of the features this playset includes are an removable elevator, a manually operated bridge, and a rope to swing luke and Leia to safety. Also it features an exploding cannon that clicks to simulate a firing sound.

Stormtrooper, Running Forward

Luke, Firing

Chewbacca, Crouching

Leia, Firing

Stormtrooper, Kneeling

Vader, Pointing

Front View

Back View

Side View