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"Build Your Armies"


This was a special offer that could be purchased only with 2 proofs-of-purchase from any of the other Micro Collection sets and the additional shipping and handling costs. The set consists of 3 micro Rebel soliders and 3 Hothtroopers.

Parts List

    6 diecast figures:
    Hoth Stormtrooper kneeling
    Hoth Stormtrooper with blastercannon
    Hoth Stormtrooper crawling
    Rebel Solider with blaster lowered
    Rebel solider with blaster raised to chest
    Rebel solider with blaster at hip


Six more micro figures to add to your Hoth World armies.

Rebel Soldier

Rebel Soldier

Rebel Soldier

Hoth Trooper with Cannon

Hoth Trooper

Hoth Trooper, Lying