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Bespin Freeze Chamber


From the 1983 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog
HAN SOLO gets frozen! A special platform lowers the figure into the chamber - then turn the action lever and raise a totally different "frozen" figure out with the lifting claw! BESPIN Freeze Chamber also has a movable ramp and stairs, an elevator, plus a secret escape hatch to help your figures escape freezing. The Freeze Chamber comes with 8 die cast figures set in action poses.

The Bespin Freeze Chamber is based on that unforgetable scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Han Solo is taken into the Carbonite chamber. A special platform lowers the figure into the chamber, then turn the action lever and raise a totally diffrent "frozen" figure out with the lifting claw.

This playset was also included in one large set along with the Bespin Control Room, and Bespin Gantry playset to make up the Bespin Cloud City.

Parts List

  • Freeze Chamber
  • 8 diecast figures:
    Captured Han solo
    Han in Carbonite
    Darth Vader with hands on hips
    Stormtrooper with gun drawn upward
    Stromtrooper gun held straight out
    Lando Calarissian with cape
    Boba Fett
  • Stairs
  • Ramp


    This playset has many features including movable stairs and ramp, an elevator, and a secret escape hatch. The main feature is a platform that can lower and raise out a frozen version of Han. This is done by first lowering the claw and then rotating the handle and then raising it again.

Boba Fett, Standing

Vader, Hands on Hips

Han, Frozen in Carbonite

Lobot, Pointing

Han, Shackled

Lando, Cape Billowing

Stormtrooper, Firing

Stormtrooper, Standing