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Bespin Control Room


From the 1982 Kenner Toy Fair Catalog
The duel continues! DARTH VADER can stalk LUKE SKYWALKER through the BESPIN Control Room - then send him crashing through the "break away" window with the lever and special platform. BESPIN Control Room comes with 4 unique die cast figures in action poses!

The Bespin Control Room playset recreates Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader's famous duel on Cloud City. This is also based on the scene where Luke falls back through the window.

This playset was also included in one large set along with the Bespin Gantry and Bespin Freeze Chamber playset to make up the Bespin Cloud City.

Parts List

  • Control room
  • 2 window pieces
  • 4 diecast figures:
    Darth Vader with drawnback lightsaber
    Darth Vader with his hand outward
    Luke Skywalker falling
    Luke Skywalker with blaster


    This playset has features a "break away" window with a remoter lever and platform that cause Luke to fall backwards through the glass.

Luke, Falling Backwards

Vader, Saber at Hip

Vader, Pointing

Luke, Stepping Forward