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Figure Page Instructions

Line: This box lets you select the figure line you wish to view. For example: Greedo is from the Star Wars line, Lobot is ESB, and Barada is POTF.

Logo: This box lets you select which backer cards you wish to view. For example: Select ESB to see figures on Empire cards or POTF to see figures on POTF cards.  You may also select LOOSE here to view loose figures.

Character: This box lets you select characters you wish to view. For example: Selecting Han Solo will show all Han variations (Original, Bespin, Hoth, Carbonite, etc.).  The major characters have been conveniently listed at the top of the box.  Other characters follow in alphabetical order with Droids and Ewoks at the bottom of the list.

Submit:  Once you've made your selection hit submit and the page will load all items matching the criteria you selected.  Once the thumbnails load, you can click on them for a larger image.

Reset Form:  This simply wipes out any selections already made.

For the sake of this instruction sheet, we'll use this notation to show what would be picked in each box: LINE:LOGO:CHAR. For example, if you had picked Star Wars in the first box, Empire Strikes Back in the second, and Han Solo in the third, that would be denoted as SW:ESB:HAN.

You do not have to select an option in each box. If you do no select in a specific box, that box will default to ANY (which can also be manually picked at the top of each box.) The only exception to this is if you make no choices in any box. The page will not load every variation in the database as if ANY:ANY:ANY was selected. If you pick this manually however, the page will load all the images in the database.

Please note the subtle difference between LINE and LOGO. LINE is the series of toys an item belongs in.  For example, the first 12 figures are part of the Star Wars line.  LOGO refers to the packaging (or lack thereof in the case of LOOSE).  So you could, for example, choose the line to be Star Wars and the logo to be ESB.  This selection would bring up any of the first 21 figures, but only on ESB cardbacks.

Also, by holding down the control key and picking, you can select multiple items in each box.  So if you wanted to see all the Droids and Ewoks figures, select DROIDS in the LINE box, then hold down control and select Ewoks.

Let's show a few examples.  Say you're a Han Solo collector and you want to see all the Han Solo items in the database.  Simply select Han Solo in the CHARACTER box and hit submit (you could select ANY in the other two boxes, but they will default to that if you select nothing.)  Now all items with Han will load including all variations of  figures (Hoth, Bespin, Trenchcoat, Carbonite, etc.) both loose and carded.

Now let's get a little more precise.  Let's say you're only interested in the Han Solo figure from the original movie.  Simply pick: SW:ANY:HAN.  This will load all Han Solo figures from the SW line (there's only one: original Han) in any and all packaging (including loose).

Once last example.  Let's say you're a POTF collector and you want to see what non-POTF figures were issued on POTF cards (commonly called the POTF Reissues).  In the LINE box select SW, ESB, and ROTJ by using your control key to select multiple choices.  Now, in the LOGO box pick POTF.  Once you hit submit, the page will load thumbnails of all the reissue figures on POTF cards.

That should about do it.  One thing to keep in mind.  If you pick an inappropriate set of contraints, the page will not load any thumbnails.  If, for example, you picked: ESB:SW:ANY, nothing would be loaded because you asked for ESB figures appearing on SW packaging - an impossibility.  Similarly, a pick like: SW:POTF:LOBOT would yield no results as a) Lobot is not a figure in the SW line and b) Lobot never appeared on a POTF cardback.

That should about explain the workings of the page in detail.  Click here to return to the figure database.